Council Family Review 2018

1. How is Cordia affected by the Council Review?
Cordia staff will transfer to the appropriate council department that reflects the services currently delivered by Cordia.

2. What does this mean for you?
This means that you will continue to do what you do just now but within another Council Family department within Glasgow City Council.

3. When will you know what department in the council you will be working in?
It is anticipated that between now and the end of June, Cordia will engage with staff to tell them which department that they will trasfer to. In the meantime, this table details specific Cordia services undertaken and the likely departments that staff will transfer to.

4. When will the transfer take place?
All staff will transfer to their new department by the end of September 2018.
5. How does this transfer affect you?
You will be TUPE Transferred to Glasgow City Council.
6. What does “TUPE Transfer” actually mean?
TUPE Is a piece of legislation designed to protect staff terms and conditions of employment when a decision has been taken to move them to a new or different employer.
7. What is harmonisation?
As part of the Council Review, Glasgow City Council have committed to reviewing your terms and conditions so that when you transfer to your new department, you will be paid the same as other council employees.
The council has been committed to harmonising Cordia’s terms and conditions for some time and the return of Cordia staff to the council provides an opportunity to realise this commitment. The 2018/19 council budget made provision to do this.
8. So, what is different about your terms and conditions?
Cordia’s terms and conditions of employment are very similar to the council’s except for the harmonisation items which will be changed to bring Cordia staff into line with the council.
There are three key terms of employment that require to be harmonised:

- paying the council premium rates for overtime (that is hours worked in excess of 37 hours per week).
- The value of Work Context and Demand (WCD) and Non Standard Working Pattern Hours/ Hours (NSWP/H) payments, in line with the council.
- and operating public holidays arrangements for the 12.5 public holidays per year (pro rata) in the same way as the council.
9. So when will this happen?
The council intends to action these changes as it transitions people into the council, so it will happen at some point around about the end of September.
10. When will I get paid enhanced overtime rates?
As above this will take place when people move back into the council so around about the end of September of this year.
11. If I work overtime, when I have moved back to the Council, what rate will I get paid?
The council provides a range of enhanced overtime payments, the key ones are listed here
These rates only apply if the circumstances fall outside of those covered by non-standard working patterns non-core payment.
These rates will become effective for Cordia staff when they transfer into the Council.
12. When will I get paid enhanced overtime rates?
As above this will take place when people move back into the council so around about the end of September of this year.
13. Will I get my overtime backdated?
Because overtime working is voluntary there will be no backdate to any overtime payments. 
14. How do the WCD and NSWP/H Payments differ?
As part of the councils commitment to harmonisation, it is anticipated that the value of the WCD and NSWP/H payments will be the same as Glasgow City Council by the time you transfer to your new council department.
15. What happens with my public holidays?
When you transfer to your new council department, you will adopt the GCC working arrangements for public holiday working. We will provide further information about this in due course.
16. Will my annual leave entitlement change?
No, Cordia’s annual leave entitlement is the same as Glasgow City Council.
17. Will my pension arrangements remain the same?
Yes. Cordia and council employees are in exactly the same local government pension scheme, the Strathclyde Pension Fund, so moving back to the council will have no impact on your pension.
18. Who will my manager be?
It is very unlikely that there will be any change to current reporting lines so there is no intention to change your manager or supervisor.  
19. Will I have to move location?
For the vast majority of staff there will be no requirement to change location. However, this may be necessary for support staff who will transfer into the relevant functional service within the council.
20. Will I be asked to do a different job?
No – changes to the structure of the council take place from time to time but what doesn’t change is the vital roles that everyone in Cordia performs.
21. How will I be kept informed about the progress of the project?
While the council has made the decision to return Cordia to council employment it is recognised that a transition period will be required. This is why the actual date of transfer is not until 30th September 2018. During that period we will be working on the detail of the transfer and the Cordia Heads of Service will keep everyone up to date with regular communications. In fact this series of Q&A’s is part of an overall communications strategy designed to keep everyone abreast of what is happening and when.
22. Have the Trade Unions been involved?
The Trade Unions have been briefed on the council’s plans for Cordia and are supportive of the principle of what has been decided. It is something that the Trade Unions have been seeking for quite some time. More detailed discussions will take place with the Tarde Unions during the transition period.
23. If I have any more questions, how can I raise them?
As always talk to your line manager or visit the Cordia extranet where we will keep you up to date on what’s happening.

24. The table states that Encore will initially transfer to Property and Land Services with further discussion to take place with Glasgow Life, I have however, heard that this was not correct?
The council’s decision is that Encore will TUPE transfer to Property and Land Services but that any future relationship with Glasgow Life will be subject to consideration and a further business case being produced. While there are certain advantages to linking Encore with its principle client there are also issues that would have to be explored. A process of due diligence would have to be completed both from Glasgow Life’s perspective and that of the council.

It is, thus, too early at this point to determine whether Encore staff will transfer at some point in the future to Glasgow Life, if some alternative arrangement would be seen as beneficial or if its considered that services will simply continue as they do currently but under management of Property and Land Services. What is certainly the case is that Encore staff will be treated exactly the same as all other Cordia staff in terms of harmonisation.

25. I am unable to attend any of scheduled the sessions will there be other opportunities for staff engagement?

The transition of Cordia staff to Glasgow City Council will involve a range of opportunities for staff engagement between now and the transfer in September 2018.The engagement will take a variety of forms and the first three drop in sessions are part of these arrangements.Cordia will keep you up to date through your line manager, through staff briefings and letters over the coming months.

26. Will my work life balance still apply after transfer to GCC?
Yes, the transfer will not affect anyone’s working pattern. The Council is every bit as committed to ensuring that employees have access to work/life balance opportunities as Cordia has been.
27. Will annual leave which has been granted prior to transfer be honoured after 30 September 2018?
All annual leave granted by Cordia will be honoured by the Council
28. Is HSCP a separate entity to Glasgow City Council?
The HSCP is, as its name suggests, a partnership between the Council and the Health Board. However, all employees within the Partnership are either employees of the Council or employees of the NHS. Everyone transferring from Cordia into the HSCP is becoming an employee of the Council and will have the same terms and conditions, the same procedures, and the same expectations placed on them as every other employee in the Council. 
29. Could I be moved again following the transfer?
There are no plans to transfer services once the current process has been completed. However, the Committee report approving the transfer noted that while Encore will transfer to Property and Land Services, a further piece of work will be done to consider what future relationship it should have with Glasgow Life. While colleagues who will transfer to the centre services such as Finance and HR will not transfer again, they are joining a central resource and can be deployed to support whatever department is most in need. From time to time, the service structures within the council are reformed to meet the needs of the operation, and so it is useful to remember that it doesn’t actually matter that much if we change service since the employer for all is Glasgow City Council

30. I currently work seven on seven off split shifts in home care, will these shifts be looked at after the transfer, some Cordia staff work five shifts on and two shifts on the second week, which is more appealing, will this be an option offered as an alternative after the transfer?

We are always interested to hear views of our staff on shift patterns, currently our staff survey issued a few days ago asks questions on shift patterns. However there are no confirmed plans to review seven on seven off as it is very popular with staff, we do have seven other shift patterns that staff can also show interest in, these are always advertised online.



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