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24/11/2017 00:00:00

Healthy Living Plus Award!


FM team achieve "Food for Life" award at Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre.

Cordia's catering staff at the Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre have been honoured with a top nutrition award for the second year running.

The Healthy Living Plus Award was maintained until January 2014 at the Glasgow City Council-owned activity centre.

Catering and domestic service manager Anne Kirkland and her team were recognised with the Eat Safe and Healthy Living Awards in 2009 till 2011 before acquiring the Healthy Living Plus Award in January 2012.

The Healthy Living Award is a national award for the food service sector in Scotland. On 1 April 2013 the Healthy Living Award will be incorporated into NHS Health Scotland which is a special Health Board with a national remit to reduce health inequalities.

The award conditions ensure that healthier ingredients and cooking methods are used to keep fat, salt and sugar to a minimum, and that options such as water, low fat dairy products and fruit and vegetables are always available.