Bean Machine Launch

Encore has launched the first rebranded Bean Machine at Hillington Park Innovation Centre.
This new outlet is the first to feature the new Bean Machine branding, and is open to all staff based within the business centre five days a week.
Selling various soups and sandwiches, as well as Fairtrade coffee, the new Bean Machine offers loyalty cards to all business centre employees.

The Hillington Park Bean Machine has proven to be highly successful with employees based in the Innovation Centre, and plans are already in place to extend the business into other similar locations. 

David Potter, head of Encore and Cordia's commercial strategy, said: "The Bean Machine rebranding and expansion has enjoyed considerable success so far.

"We are sure that the Bean Machine will continue to progress and will grow to be a strong facet of the Cordia organisation."

Jason Dawes, business development manager at Cordia, said: “This new venture is already proving to be a success with the employees based within the Hillington Park Innovation Centre, but this is no surprise given the expertise of the Bean Machine staff and the excellent service all customers receive.
“With plans in the pipeline for more Bean Machines to be rolled out in similar locations across the city, we are sure this success will continue well into 2014.”