Better Eating, Better Learning

Cordia's head of facilities management, Julia McCreadie, assists Scottish Government refresh guidance on school food and food education. 
In March of this year our head of facilities management, Julia McCreadie, worked with other industry experts towards refreshing the guidance on school food and food education, building on the significant progress made since Hungry for Success in 2003.
The group was chaired by Hugh Fraser from the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, and Julia was joined by representatives from organisations such as COSLA, Education Scotland, NHS Scotland and the Association for Public Service Excellence.
With the aim to build on the progress made since 2003, the group’s remit was to drive further improvements in school meals and food education.
Better Eating, Better Learning (BEBL) outlines the opportunities available to rise to the health, environment and educational challenges that Scotland faces. It sets these opportunities and challenges in a strategic context to show how further improvements in school food and food education can be made.
By realising opportunities to use school food to invest in children from an early stage, Scotland’s children and young people will be happier, healthier and ready to learn, and able to play a positive role in their schools and communities. Longer term rewards are the health, wellbeing and economic prosperity of Scotland.
Shortly, this guidance will be issued to all headteachers and to local authority chief executives for onward distribution. In the meantime, for more information and guidance, please visit the BEBL page on the Scottish Government website.