Environmental success at GCU

Recent figures have shown the relationship between Encore Hospitality Services and Glasgow Caledonian University has been more than successful in creating healthy and environmentally friendly attitudes and lifestyles on the university campus. 
In their 15 year partnership with the university, Encore has significantly reduced the use of unhealthy ingredients, increased fresh produce use from 25% to 90%, and has helped the university reduce CO2 emissions by 75%.

On top of this, 40% of our income is now generated from Fairtrade products, 100% of produce is ethically farmed, and absolutely no waste goes to landfill.

Speaking about the figures, David Potter said: “Encore’s mission is to produce and sell food and drink that customers can enjoy safe in the thought that they are buying from a caterer who cares about its broader responsibilities to the local community and society at large.

“Our relationship with Glasgow Caledonian University has been hugely successful, and we have high hopes that this will continue well into the future.”