Training initiative introduces school pupils to home care

Cordia's Determined to Care programme - organised in partnership with Social Work Services and Education.
Pupils from four secondary schools across the city are taking part in a programme to develop skills preparing them for future employment in the care industry. The ‘Determined to Care’ programme is organised in partnership with Social Work Services and Education and began last month with 10 pupils.

Each of the 16-year-old pupils have expressed an interest in care and will receive eight weeks of training, including classroom based learning at Cordia's Learning and Development Centre, designed to give them experience and qualifications to assist entry into the care sector.

Frances McMeeking, head of care services, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for all of the candidates involved, taking part in a rewarding training course to develop the skills needed to become a home-carer.

“It’s fantastic to see school pupils show an active interest in the care-sector from such an early age and we’re proud to be helping them progress.”