For she's a jolly good fellow

Cordia service user celebrates turning 100 in style!
Cordia home care service user Gwyneth White celebrated her birthday in style when she turned 100 years old on Wednesday, 23 July.

Gwyneth’s daughter Glenda, 69, created an al-fresco “wall of memories” for her mum which included a board of pictures of all the Cordia carers who have been to the White family household throughout the years.

On the day, Glenda and Gwyneth opened their doors to all friends and loved ones – as well as passers-by!

Speaking about turning 100, Gwyneth claimed that “family and faith” have kept her “disgustingly healthy” throughout her life.

Glenda spoke very highly of Cordia, saying the home care staff were “respectful, kind, and always eager to help”.

Gwyneth’s home care team visited her on Wednesday, 13 August to deliver a bouquet of flowers, and their own best wishes.

Pictured are Gwyneth, Lorraine Howarth (home carer), Sara Howie (home care co-ordinator), and Anne Laing (area operations manager).

The day was also special for Anne as she celebrated her own birthday.