Cordia's support for Modern Apprentice programme

The Modern Apprentice programme helps many young people develop their skills and experience in order to secure employment.
Cordia’s operation in Baillieston, which includes transport and support services (TaSS) and EquipU, has employed 10 modern apprentices to date, a number of whom have gone on to gain full time employment within the organisation. 
To date four apprentices have secured full-time employment, with several now in supervisory roles.
Phil McQuillan, transport and services manager, said: “The modern apprentice programme has provided a platform for young people to enter Cordia. Many of those have been able to carve out a career for themselves if they show the aptitude and dedication necessary to meet the high standards of service delivery.”
Speaking of the benefits of the modern apprentice scheme, Phil added: “We recognised the advantages of this programme at an early stage and are proud of the way in which we have been able to support young people into training and employment.  
“Fortunately, we have been able to afford reasonable numbers of them with full time employment which brings a different dynamic to our operations.”
The modern apprentice programme provides young, unemployed teenagers within the Glasgow area an opportunity to undertake two years of training in a discipline of their choice. This provides them with the skills to undertake full time employment.