Encore buys kitchen for Mary's Meals in Malawi

Staff raise £7,000 to donate a kitchen to a primary school in Malawi.
Encore Hospitality Services have funded the building of a kitchen in Malawi through Mary’s Meals thanks to the catering staff at Glasgow Caledonian University.
More than £7,000 was raised for the Scottish charity during a year-long fundraising drive.
Organised by Encore’s hospitality representative at GCU June Healy, the money was the result of a whole range of charity collections including a ticketed-dance, home baking sales, stalls serving soup around campus and an auction of Christmas gifts which were given to staff.
Some of Encore’s suppliers also assisted the catering team’s efforts, with a number of companies making donations.
Speaking about the fundraising campaign, Frank McCabe, Encore’s general manager at GCU, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and I’m really proud of all the staff for their hard work and generosity.
“Mary’s Meals is an excellent charity and the work they do around the world is extremely beneficial to the lives of so many. Overall, this has been a hugely successful fundraising campaign and I’d like to thank all of the team, and of course the students and University staff who donated.”
Mary’s Meals sets up community-run school feeding programmes in some of the world’s poorest areas, where hunger and poverty prevent children from attending school and gaining and education. In Malawi, the children are served a vitamin-enriched porridge-like meal called likuni phala, which is cooked by volunteers in huge rocket stoves in the school kitchen.
The kitchen Encore has funded is part of St John’s Primary School, located in the in Mangochi, Southern Malawi. It is attended by 394 boys and 370 girls each day between the ages of five and thirteen, who learn in each of the school’s eight permanent classrooms.
Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder and chief executive of Mary’s Meals, said: “Today, around the world, 57 million children miss school because of poverty. Instead of sitting in a classroom getting an education, they are working in fields, begging on street corners, or scavenging among the garbage to survive. 
“Our vision is that every child should be able to receive one good meal every day in a place of education. Working together with people who share our ideals, we believe that our vision can be achieved in this world of plenty, where there is enough food for everyone.
“By getting involved in our Sponsor a School initiative and building an equipping a kitchen for the volunteers and children at St John’s Primary School, Encore is supporting our efforts to reach more children with a life-changing daily meal.”
Since 2009 Cordia have carried out three major fundraising campaigns for Mary’s Meals in school dining halls across the city. In 2011, they coordinated the ‘Step up to the Plate’ project, launching ‘Pitch in for the Kitchen’ the following year. 
A daily meal is life-changing to children who otherwise would not be able to attend school because of poverty and hunger.

For more information, visit Mary's Meals.