Glasgow school meals service introduces cashless system

19 Glasgow primary schools now enjoy cashless initiative which allows pupils to use payment cards for school meals.
Pupils at Garrowhill Primary School can now purchase their lunches by payment card thanks a new cashless system in the school Fuel Zone. This system, located within the new-build school, eliminates the need for cash handling by both pupils and catering staff.
Payment cards can be credited at several top-up machines located in the school and used to pay for breakfast, lunch and snacks in the Fuel Zone.
The system was introduced by Fuel Zone and Cordia’s IT department when the school opened its doors on 14 January and greatly improves the efficiency of the service.
Area manager Janice Druggan recognises the benefits to both the catering staff and the pupils: “By eliminating cash handling by catering staff, it means that the amount of time pupils spend at the counter is greatly reduced. This results in a much quicker and more efficient lunchtime service.
“Garrowhill Primary has a lot of paying pupils and it has been great to see that our catering staff, parents and pupils have all embraced the new facility.”
In addition to streamlining the lunch service, the cashless system also allows non-personal data collection with every purchase made. Individual items purchased are recorded, allowing Cordia to monitor sales in the Fuel Zone which can help make future decisions regarding school catering.
Alastair Lang, service delivery manager, said: “Modern tills are essentially PCs, and historically these have all worked in isolation. We can now connect them up centrally and this can save a lot of time generating reports and updating menus. It also has the potential to allow parents to top up their child’s account online.  
“This new system has the capabilities to support these features and we will evaluate them at Garrowhill with a view to being able to offer this out across the service.” 

For more information on Cordia's school meals service, visit Fuel Zone Primary.