Encore's Karis to help children in Africa

From Motherwell to Moshi - Karis McQuoid is travelling to Tanzania to help local children. 
Encore’s Karis McQuoid is leaving her home in Motherwell and heading to Moshi, Tanzania to work with orphaned children living in the Moshi Children Christian Center (MCCC).  

As well as working in the center, she will also be working with children from the local community via the centers community help programe. The 19-year-old will leave on 5 July 2015 and stay for two weeks.
The self-funded trip will see Karis and a group of friends spend over two weeks in Moshi, located on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, where they will work with kids providing food, supplies and games. Karis is currently raising money to give every community child on the programe a pair of shoes and a t-shirt which they desperately need.
“Our team of volunteers are paying our own way to help the children in Moshi as they have so little and appreciate anything they receive,” said Karis, who is based at the Winter Gardens.
“The community project is extremely important as without it kids would be working in fields or selling fruit on the streets in order to make enough money to eat. This community project provides financial support for these families to enable the children to go to school rather than having to fend for themselves in order to survive.”
Karis lived in Tanzania for six months in 2008 with her parents. A return trip last year motivated her to organise her current endeavour, which she plans to make a regular event.
If you would like to donate to Karis, please visit her Just Giving page