Free school meals popular among pupils

Free school meals have encouraged a 14% increase in the number of pupils using the Fuel Zone at lunchtime.
Since the Scottish Government introduced free school meals for primary one, two and three pupils, 14% more children are dining in the Fuel Zone at lunchtime. This is a total of 83% of pupils in the first three years of school.
Julia McCreadie, head of Encore and facilities management, said: “We are pleased with what is a significant rise in free school meal uptake following the launch of the policy last year.
“We engaged with parents ahead of its introduction by distributing information leaflets, which also included a three week menu plan and links to view further information online through our Fuel Zone Primary website.
“A significant amount of planning was also required to adequately manage what was an anticipated and welcome increase in demand and our catering teams at each school worked hard to ensure we were ready.”
The introduction of the policy in 2015 ensures parents benefit from a household saving in Glasgow of £8.50 per child per week.
Some eight city schools have a free meal take up of 100% while 30 have more than 90% of pupils eating the free dinners.
Julia added: “It’s also important we continue to encourage even more parents to take advantage of the free school meals policy.
“We provide thousands of pupils with a tasty and nutritious meal every day, and the evidence is overwhelming that nutrition plays an important role in supporting greater cognitive performance – food for thought if you will.”