25 Years service with no absences

Home care coordinator, Catherine Morrison (centre), was recently recognised for her 25 years service and has done so without a single day of absence.  
Working in home care obviously suits home care co-ordinator Catherine Morrison. The popular member of staff started working in home care in 1991 and has never had a single day’s absence!
“I think I have just been really lucky that I haven’t had to take a single day of absence” said Catherine
“My Mum installed a great work ethic in our family and always made sure we went to work unless we absolutely couldn’t make it”
At this year’s annual Cordia long service awards, Catherine was among those recognised for delivering 25 years of service to the public.
“I thoroughly enjoyed my day and it was great to receive the recognition for my service. The meal was delicious and the venue was absolutely stunning”
Liz Thomson, area operations manager, is delighted at having Catherine as one of her home care coordinators. She said: “It is wonderful to have a member of the team with 25 years’ experience to call upon. For Catherine to give that length of service without a day of sickness is phenomenal”