Cordia Long Service Awards 2016

Our 2016 Long Service Awards were held in the Glasgow City Chambers Banqueting Hall on Thursday 8 September 2016.
This year, an incredible 137 members of Cordia staff were honoured on the day for their 25 years of service to the organisation, equalling an impressive 3425 years when combined!

Mary Wright, a Home Carer from the Dennistoun area was the 1000th employee of Cordia to be officially honoured for 25 years’ service with the organisation.
Mary attended the ceremony at the City Chamber’s prestigious Banqueting Hall, joining 136 of her colleagues from across the organisation’s wide-range of services, including Catering Staff, Janitors, School Crossing Patrollers and Home Carers.
Each recipient was awarded with a Long Service medal, a certificate and were treated to a three-course meal on the afternoon.

Andy Clark, Cordia’s Director of Service, hosted the occasion, presenting each attendee with their award and much applause from the audience.
Mr Clark said: ‘The annual Long Service Awards are an excellent way to show our appreciation to the hard-working staff we have at Cordia.
“This year, an incredible 137 employees will take their place on the podium for a combined 3425 of years’ service. It’s great to have the opportunity to thank them individually for their ongoing commitment to Cordia.
“On behalf of everyone at Cordia I’d like to congratulate each one of our long service team members and it’s an honour to commend them for their contribution to the city.”
As always, everyone in attendance had a great time and we would like to congratulate all of our Long Service Award recipients.