Cordia stairlifts modern apprentice goes for GOLD

Amy has completed more GOLD courses than any other Cordia staff member
Well done to Equipu modern apprentice, Amy Neil, who has completed a staggering 223 GOLD courses.
GOLD is Glasgow City Councils online learning system which staff can access through the Connect webpage.
This outstanding display of self-development has led to Amy completing more GOLD courses than any other staff member.
Amy joined Cordia in October 2015, following in the footsteps of her father, Billy and sister, Michelle who both also work at Equipu.
She said: “I try to complete a course whenever I get the opportunity. I know this can only benefit me in the future as I want to achieve as much as I possibly can.
I really enjoy working here at Equipu, it’s a great team to be around. My dad and sister both have won staff recognition awards and other honours so I have pressure to keep up the family reputation”
Keith Abernethy, Cordia technical officer commented: “Amy has shown great commitment and a positive work ethic since the day she started.
Her hard work is certainly paying off as she has already succeeded with her SVQ and completes all work duties to a high standard of quality. Amy is an exceptional role model for all the modern apprentices we have.
I’m sure everyone will join me in congratulating Amy on her exceptional achievements”
You can follow Amy’s example and complete GOLD courses here