New health initiative in primary schools

Flavoured milk removed from the menu in Glasgow primary schools
Primary Fuel Zones have had all flavoured milk removed from the menu. Cordia made the decision to remove flavoured milk from all 139 primary schools across Glasgow with plain milk continuing to be offered.
Plain milk contains 5.8g less sugar than its flavoured alternative, and this move again reinforces our commitment to encourage healthy living amongst the young people of Glasgow.  
Every product served in city schools are compliant with the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007.
Flavoured milk was brought in as a method to increase the daily calcium intake of school children, which has been hugely successful, however Cordia now will actively promote the benefits of plain milk throughout our Fuel Zones as part of the ‘We Love Scottish Milk’ campaign.
Julia McCreadie, head of encore and facilities management, said “We place a major emphasis on ensuring our menus are both healthy and nutritional, appetising to children with a wide range of dietary requirements and preferences.
Through our ‘We Love Scottish Milk’ campaign, we’ll encourage the uptake of milk as a lunchtime choice, entering the next phase of our approach to reducing sugar consumption in the Fuel Zone.
We work closely with nutritionists and the Scottish Government to refine our menus with research showing we can strike the correct balance between sugar and calcium.
Ultimately, we want to provide delicious, healthy options for children throughout Glasgow and we’ll continue look as further ways to achieve this.”