New TaSS app launched

New app rolled out for TaSS staff
July saw the role out of our new TaSS app which provides staff with a slick, more efficient way of working.
The innovative iPhone app is hugely beneficial in ensuring service user safety and making it easier to identify if service users have been picked up, dropped off or are in transit.
TaSS make 100,000 journeys each year, picking up vulnerable young people and transporting them to various schools, appointments and visits across the city and further afield.
The new app has negated the requirement for vehicle logbooks, has reduced the number of automated emails required, and stopped staff having to produce weekly worksheets.
Currently 48 staff are using the app with a further 49 term time staff being put through a refresher course on their return to duty on 22 August.
Willie Darroch, TaSS manager, said: “When a social worker called to find out if a service user had been picked up, not only was it a poor reflection of the service but it could be time consuming to find out exactly what stage the journey was at.
The new app allows for quick and accurate identification, making it easier to provide an update.
The staff have been extremely receptive to the app’s introduction as it is easy to use and they can instantly view the information they require.”