Coordinators hold theme days for charity

Theme days held every second Friday to raise funds for charity
Home care coordinators based at Blair Court have been raising funds for Mary’s Meals by holding theme days.
The coordinators donate money every second Friday and add some fun to the working day by dressing up, having a quiz and enjoying some snacks.
Hawaii five O was the latest theme day to be held with previous days seeing Mexican, cops and robbers and Italian themes.
During the recent Italian day, home care duty officer Assunta Blue popped in to give the team a lesson in speaking some of the language.  
Angela Currie,home care coordinator, commented: “I organise the days but it is a real team effort.
Everyone contributes to it by dressing up or bringing in food and of course, making their donation to charity.
It’s a team building exercise which lifts the spirits of the entire group and what makes it most worthwhile is that we are raising funds for a good cause”