More sugar removed from lunch menu

Further reduction in amount of sugar available on Fuel Zone menus
Cordia has made changes to our Fuel Zone menus by further reducing the amount of sugar we are serving up to the young people of Glasgow.

These changes saw the removal of desserts with a higher sugar content, leaving fruit and yogurts as the only daily dessert options.

We made the decision to offer only fruit and yogurt in support of the Scottish Government’s ‘Better Eating Better Learning’ initiative. This initiative was created to highlight the importance of and challenges faced in health, environment and education within Scotland’s schools.

Each product served in Glasgow’s schools is compliant with the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007.

Julia McCreadie, head of encore and facilities management, said “We work closely with nutritionists and the Scottish Government to ensure we keep the sugar consumption at the Fuel Zone to a minimum.

The removal of these desserts again highlights our commitment to provide the healthiest possible options for the young people of Glasgow but also provide delicious food to fuel their body and mind for better learning.”