Transforming Glasgow


Cordia is part of Glasgow City Council’s Transforming Glasgow programme. This programme sees the council require to save £77M over a two year period. Cordia’s share of the savings is £10.8M. All savings must be in achieved by the end of March 2018.
Transforming Glasgow will make savings by doing three things:
Firstly, it will be more difficult to replace staff who leave our organisation. Instead of simply replacing these staff we will look to increase efficiency to continue to deliver services.
Secondly, only essential posts will be filled - this means some existing posts, when they become vacant, will not be filled in any way.
Thirdly, we will look to reduce our expenditure and look for ways to bring income into Cordia.
By adopting the three principles above, we are confident we can make the required savings whilst ensuring minimum disruption to our staff teams, clients and service users.